Monomotion, headed by Erol Engintalay, has returned with another exciting collection of tracks. Sides is an energizing and iridescent trip down the echoing, cavernous halls of dub techno, instantly conjuring the type of late nights and dark, crowded rooms that this music is meant to soundtrack. With Sides, Engintalay showcases a new set of talents that prove this artist’s stylistic versatility while also signaling what is yet to come.

 Jake Ashley

We wouldn’t be one hundred percent shocked if you weren’t familiar with the electronic music of France’s MONOMOTION. Not because he’s an obscure artist, performer and composer-but more based on how much music doesn’t make its way into the North American market. Ahead of a new E.P. titled Fujisan due in late July, he’s dropped a new track called “Ecocline Patterns” and it should pop your ears while it stirs inner peace within you.